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Exclusive Interview: Tate Kobang Talks “Bank Rolls,” 300, Baltimore & Legacy

300 Entertainment‘s Young Hustle Tour hit Boston last month and saw budding talents like Rich The Kid, T-Wayne, TK-N-Cash, Rejjie Snow, and Tate Kobang hit the Middle East stage. With the expection of Snow, we had the opportunity to chop it up with the talented risers to talk about the tour, their background, music, and more. Following our interviews with Rich, T-Wayne, TK-N-Cash, we wrap it up with an exclusive with Baltimore’s Tate Kobang. Despite not feeling well after his strong outting on the stage, the “Bank Rolls” rapper sat down with me in the restaurant of Middle East to talk about the tour, signing to 300, the success of “Bank Rolls,” new music, Baltimore, and what he wants his legacy to be.

HITP: Right now you’re on the Young Hustle Tour, how’s it been?

Tate Kobang: It’s been crazy. I miss home, but you have to get out there and work. You know what I’m saying?

For sure, its important to get out there and touch the people especially in a place like Boston. The tour is presented by 300 Entertainment, the label that signed you. What made you sign with them versus other labels that were reaching out?

It’s a good place. They care about you. I get a text from Lyor Cohen asking how my morning was. You’re not dealing with a bunch of interns and all that bullshit. You’re talking directly to the people. Plus, we have our visual team and stuff like that.

HITP: You signed the deal a little bit after “Banks Rolls” took off. Talk about that song a little. Its actually a remix, right? 

Tate Kobang: It was originally by Tim Trees from back home. Its like a 16 year old track. I just really freestyled on it and it did a lot better than we expected. Well, actually alot faster.

HITP: That’s dope because hit records in 2016 aren’t what you think. They aren’t formatted the way they use to be. A song like “Bank Roll” and your labelmate T-Wayne’s “Nasty” are very different than what hit records were a decade or so ago. There’s been a fair share of artists that have come and gone after having a breakout record. How do you plan to not be a one hit wonder?

Tate Kobang: You can’t be afraid to jump out. Sometimes you have to take that dive and experiment with your music and see what works.

HITP: I enjoyed your performance tonight. You have a nice catalog of music that hasn’t come out yet. When can we expect a full-length project? 

Tate Kobang: Late February or early March. We’re about to drop a new single. Actually, we’re going to drop two tracks. They are really strong records. One is produced by Honorable C-Note and the other is produced by Swizz Beatz.

HITP: That’s whats up. You have one of Gucci Mane’s go to producers.

Tate Kobang: Man, everybody is Gucci’s producer. Free Gucci!

HITP: That’s one of my favorite rappers. But, let’s talk a bit about Baltimore. I was actually there a year ago. To outsiders, Baltimore is mostly known for the Ravens, violence, and of course now, the unfortunate situation with Freddie Grey. Whats the hip-hop scene like there?

Tate Kobang: Right now, there’s a lot of talent. Like I said, you have to take those chances. A lot of people don’t understand that there’s life outside the trenches. That’s why we document everything we do. It’s not to boost but its to show people that there’s more out there. Last year I had to say goodbye to some people. I’m good now. I’m providing for my kids. There’s a lot of talented mothafuckas back home. Theres a lot of entrepreneurs. Everybody is making the transition from the trap to the art. Its getting real good.

HITP: What kind of legacy do you want to leave? At the end of the day, what do you want to accomplish as an artist? 

Tate Kobang: I want to be the one that they say was someone who made it out of Baltimore a, came back, and helped bring people out of Balitmore. A lot of mothafuckas leave and wash their hands and then try to reach back to the cats are are popping. They try to build that lane back again. You can’t do that. I just want to be one of the first ones that make it out and make something of myself.

HITP: Well, thats it. I appreciate you taking the time out. Good luck with everything.