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HITPmusic.com brings you T.R.U.T.H Or D.A.R.E  by Boston rapper/producer Mr. Fritz of the Klean Up Krew. After more than a year of numerous studio sessions, creating beats and overall perfecting his craft, the KUK general releases his first album. The 15 track project features all original production by J. Capone, Duce P, 5 Star Generals, DaxFlowLyfe, Epik Da Dawn, Nelz, and himself. In fact, the artist handles a majority of the production duties with a hand in nine tracks (including two he co-produced). Guest appearances are made by affiliates: Galaxy, DC, E.G.O., Chizz Dot, Hector Marcianoa, and Sunni Carson.

T.R.U.T.H or D.A.R.E. which stands for Talking Real Understanding They Hate and Destroying All Rookie Emcees is inspired by his childhood love for comics specifically Batman. Due to this, he wanted to name all his albums based off of villains from the comic. Feeling that he is taking a chance by doing so, he felt the most appropriate villain would be Two-Face. From a concept standpoint, the project can be split into half, just as the character is. The T.R.U.T.H. side being inspired by Fritz’ love for soul sampled “true hip hop” and the D.A.R.E side being a more hardcore approach to hip hop/rap with hard 808s and synths. With this in mind, the rapper accomplishes the task of creating a full body of work with two concepts that come together smoothly.

From the get-go, he sets the tone with the introduction track “KUK Anthem.” The rapper displays his ability to deliver punchlines while telling the listener about the KUK movement and what the future holds for the up and coming Boston rap group stating “its us against the world like Jordan versus Clyde Drexler, Ali versus Frazier, Celtics versus Lakers, my team got to win so my niggaz getting this paper.” The Capone “Paper Chase” is also a track where he delivers strong punchlines and complex wordplay.

On real life songs such as and he really shines. With the exception of “9 To 5,” over these soulful beats, he spits true to life lyrics, discussing: being underprivileged, society’s pressures, “fake gangstas,” crime, and more. While on the self produced “9 To 5” with the help of DC, Fritz takes a more unique approach to real life raps as he talks about the lows of working the average 40 hour a week job.

Other highlights on the album include the humorous “Casanova” where we get to see the rapper’s personality as he talks about women, the 2Pac and Biggie sampled “Parnoid” and the anger filled “Fe Fi Fo Fum,” produced by 5 Star Generals.

With a little more than an hour in length of music, Fritz displays a variety of styles. Although, the music is similar in terms of the genres of rap and hip hop, he keeps the listener interested by diversifying his flow, creating memorable punchlines and delivering structured stories over high quality production. Overall, T.R.U.T.H Or D.A.R.E. is a well structured, creative and original album. With this project, it is clear that Fritz and his affiliates are heading in the right direction in making noise in the Boston hip hop/rap scene and beyond.

Stream/Download: Mr. Fritz – T.R.U.T.H. Or D.A.R.E.:

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