Hailing from the Dorchester section of Boston comes hip-hop artist J.C.I.T.Y., acronym for Just Couldn’t Imagine This Yet. Born Jason Simon, he has spent the last few years perfecting his craft, releasing a marathon of free music and lighting up venues across the area.

The well-rounded emcee has captured the attention of the local music community by possessing solid lyrics, clever punch lines and a knack for making overall quality music that is relatable. “I make what the people what to hear,” he says. Utilizing his own personal experience as the foundation, his music covers a wide range of topics including struggles, relationships, the hood, partying and more. With five full-length records under his belt and various visuals across the Internet, he has certainly made it hard for people to not notice.

His latest and most known project to date, Sky Writing, has made the talented rhyme slinger a common name when discussing Boston hip-hop. Featuring 19 tracks, J.C.I.T.Y. calls the project “some of his best work to date.” Not afraid to take chances, he explains that Sky Writing represents his writing creativity. “I feel free to write about anything I want,” he says.

Indeed, that is true as the project is versatile yet consistent – showing his ability to make very personal records such as “We Gone Make It,” but also make club and radio-friendly songs such as the catchy “Chicks In Da Living Room.”

Although, his talent has led to some success, J.C.I.T.Y. realizes that talent alone won’t get him or anyone else coming out of the Boston area that far. “Talent wise, I feel we are great, but as far as outlets and resources, I feel Boston is bad,” he comments on the city’s challenges. With this, as well as no major labels calling Boston home, J.C.I.T.Y. has added a steady dose of hard work and dedication to go along with his talents. He doesn’t have a choice. With no management or team behind him, he has been pursing his dreams on his own. In order to promote albums, he utilizes a multiple layered marketing plan consisting of local radio appearances, the passing of CDs and social media outlets. Combined, these have led to him being featured on various blogs and major local publications such as The Boston Herald.

J.C.I.T.Y. is currently shooting music videos, performing live and feeding off a strong buzz in his latest single “Those Who R Dead.” Appearing on Sky Writing, the well-received song is, as the emcee puts it, “a creative, lyrical deep, track showing respect to some of the most important people in music.”

On the direction of his career, J.C.I.T.Y. confesses, “Only time will tell!” He “hopes to see it out in the mainstream, more nationally than locally.” While, there is no guarantee to where J.C.I.T.Y. will be in the next few years, one thing is for sure: wherever he is, his combination of talent and a strong work ethic is the reason.

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