A week or so ago, Nipsey Hussle released a 14 track mixtape in the form of The Marathon Continues, the follow-up to the well received, The Marathon.

In between these two projects, Hussle didn’t release a substantial amount of music. However, it is clear that he was busy working, perfecting his craft and developing a new sound, which he admits on the project’s first track “Road To Riches.” He states “Im just taking time to make the proper use of my influence,” in response to people asking him when he’s going to drop new music.

Indeed, Hussle used his time wisely in creating a new sound, but also a solid project that should convert non-listeners to fans. With more commercial-type production, combined with gritty lyrics detailing street life in the neighborhoods of Los Angeles, California, he finds a sound that works and may ultimately allow him to crossover into the mainstream.

In addition, TMC debuts a new, more introspective Hussle. For an example, in the powerful Steve Jobs sampled “Detached Us,” which he is at his finest, he states:

“I ain’t no Christian, I ain’t no Catholic/But I believe that God gonna shine his light on anyone who never had shit/I need some answers to these questions that I’m asking/We used to be connected, who detached us? We used to be respected, now they laughing/We’ve turned into possessions with no passion/How we go from the best to less than average?/We used to be connected, who detached us?”

With this track, he reveals his ability to make these type of songs, which we really haven’t heard from him before.

TMC is mainly a solo effort but it features a good guest appearance by fellow California rapper Dom Kennedy on “I Need That.” The two-minute and 45 second track features a fast paced beat and a solid verse by Kennedy, who references the late legend 2Pac in his 16 bars of rhymes. Another notable feature on the project is “Toot It And Boot It” maker, YG, who appears on “Thas Wat Hoes Do” along with Rimpau.

“Rose Clique” is also a highlight of the project. Although, previously released, Hussle revamps the track with cleaner production.

The project concludes with with “10 Toes,” “The Mansion” and “Outro,” which are all quality tracks. On each of these, he gives insight on his journey and life, giving you a better idea of who he is as an individual and artist.

Overall, Hussle continues to establish himself as a rapper on the rise with TMC. With decent lyrics, different but good production and a new sound, TMC should hold fans over until he drops his long-waited debut album.

Stream/Download: Nipsey Hussle – The Marathon Continues

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