Mac Miller Macadelic

Mac Miller Macadelic

Just a few hours ago, talented 20 year old emcee Mac Miller out of Pittsburgh, PA released his highly anticipated mixtape, Macadelic The 17 track mixtape displays a different side of Mac as he experiments with unique production and brings along a gang of high-profile guest appearances including Kendrick Lamar, Juicy J, Lil Wayne, and Cam’ron as he takes us on what he calls a Most Dope Experience.

He gets things started with “Desperado,” an ID Labs produced track that has a real old school hip hop feel to it. In the 4 minute track, Mac displays his lyricism, wordplay and overall rhyming abilities, delivering some of the best bars that we’ve heard from him yet.  Up next is another ID Labs produced track in the form of the previously released “Loud.” This is the first taste we get of Mac experimenting with a different sound. Typically, he doesn’t rhyme on hard beats like this, however he shows that he is versatile enough to do so effectively.

Experimenting With Production…

“Lucky Ass Bitch” and “Ignorant” follow in the same path especially the Juicy J assisted and Lex Luger produced “Lucky Ass Bitch.” We already know that the combination of Juicy and Luger is deadly  as the two have created several hits together. In Mac’s first collaboration with the 2011 BMI producer of the year, he sounds pretty good. Side by side with the veteran Juicy, Mac attempts to deliver his most ignorant and ruthless bars. I don’t even need to mention Juicy’s verse. You know what to expect. Just think of any track on the Blue Dream & Lean mixtape. Equipped with a team effort catchy hook, “Lucky Ass Bitch” is a banger that is sure to knock your speakers.

The same thing is true with the Cardo produced “Ignorant.” How fitting huh? Mac brings on the assistance of another veteran in the form of Harlem‘s Cam’ron. A few months ago, we got a dose of the two creating in “Dig That.” Just as that track was good, this one is too! Don’t be surprised if we get a full length project by the two in the near future. Previously, Mac mentioned in an interview with Complex that its in the works.

Telling His Story…

When Mac isn’t experimenting with hard beats on this project, he utilizes Macadelic to tell his story, at times showing thoughtfulness, maturation and growth. Tracks such as “Thoughts From A Balcony,” “The Question” and “Fight The Feeling”  are evidence.

“Thoughts From A Balcony” really gives fans a glimpse into his head as he rhymes about turning his dreams into a reality.  Sap, who also made the beat for Mac’s super hit “Donald Trump,”  creates a near perfect beat to capture the emotion that Mac is attempting to display as he states lines such as “Double cup with lean, standing on my balcony. Looking at the sky, thinking it could all be mine. All we got is memories, so what the fuck is time?”  on the hook.

On the Lil Wayne featured “The Question,” we see Mac contemplating his purpose in life as he rises to fame while Weezy adds his typical Weezy-like verse which includes random money and women metaphors, which can only possible make sense in the YMCMB leader’s head.  Despite that and never really picturing these two artist on the same track, “The Question” makes their first time collaboration definitely worth a listen!

Before listening to “Fight The Feeling,” I already knew it was going to be good. 9 out of 10 times, anything with Kendrick Lamar is going to be high quality music. Although, the TDE member kills everyone on their own track, Mac handles his own by delivering two insightful verses, telling his story once again. In the third verse, Lamar delivers a 16 that is reminiscent of Andre 300. Iman Omari, who produced the track, completes it by singing on the hook.

Other Tracks To Check Out…

Some other tracks to check out on Macadelic are “Aliens Fighting Robots,” Vitamins” and “The Morning After.” On “Aliens Fighting Robots,” Mac hooks up with Cool Kids and Jet Life member Sir Michael Rocks, who I think is very underrated.  The two deliver solid verses over some very good production by Brandon Deshay. If anyone understands why its called “Aliens Fighting Robots,” let me know! The beat for”Vitamins” actually sounds like it would be perfect for Wiz Khalifa’s latest project, Taylor Allderdice but Mac makes his own claim to the ID Labs production, utilizing this spacious beat, taking us on a drug trip journey. He displays his story telling ability and creativity. He also does the same with the “The Morning After,” which features him exercising a slow flow while telling about morning sessions with a girl.

The Verdict

Overall, I think Macadelic is some of the best music that the young talent has put out yet. It is really different from his previous successful mixtapes such as K.I.D.S. and Best Day Ever. Those mixtapes were solely based on him being a teenager and living life to the fullest. Mac does touch upon similar subjects in Macadelic, however its in a different way. The simplest way I can put it is that those mixtapes gave you insight on his life before fame while Macadelic gives you insight on his life during fame. Macadelic shows his maturation and growth as a person as he reveals some of his most inner thoughts while as an artist he does so by expanding his beat selection, improving his content and holding his own with some of hip hop’s top veterans. With revealing a new side of him in Macadelic, he has the potential to expand his fanbase by reaching a different crowd. Ultimately, Macadelic shows that he can go beyond being just a “weed rapper.”

 Download: Mac Miller – Macadelic

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