Exclusive Interview: Maggie Leon Talks Grammy Ballot, Influences, Her Album & More

It’s not very often that you meet someone who’s name has graced a Grammy ballot. But, I can say I did. At the re-launch of Lifted Boston, I spoke to Maggie Leon, who was on the official ballot for the 55th Grammy Awards in three categories: Best R & B Performance, Best R & B Traditional Performance and Best R & B Song. Not to mention, she was the RAW Boston 2012 Musician Of The Year.

The R & B singer, a featured performer that night, spent a few minutes speaking about the Lifted Boston events, her album, influences and inspirations, where she wants to be in the next few years, and more.

Watch the exclusive interview and performance footage above.


Lindsey Gamble (@LindseyGamble_)

Lindsey Gamble (@LindseyGamble_) is the founder of Hard In The Paint. He also is a writer for Arena.com and co-hosts Is This Life? podcast with Jonathan Howell.