Live Footage: Latrell James, Casso & Stevie Jenko At Lifted Boston

latrell james

Back in June, HITP and OTB Agency came together for the second time this year for the Lifted Boston Open Mic series. Along with headliners Mr. Fritz and Avenue, a handful of local talent including Latrell James, Casso and Steve Jenko had their turn on the microphone in front of a supporting crowd at downtown Boston’s Good Life.

Watch footage from the trio’s set below.

Lindsey Gamble

Lindsey Gamble is the Founder/Editor of Hard In The Paint. He also is the Founder of UDMMag.com and covers the Boston music scene for Arena.com. Under Pipedream Music Group, an artist development and management brand, he manages Boston hip-hop artist/producer Mr. Fritz. Follow him on Twitter via @Lindsey_Gamble.