On the verge of releasing his sixth full length project at midnight in Noillib Pot 3, HITPmusic.com catches up with Monroe, Louisiana’s Top Billion. Over the last few years, the 21-year-old emcee has put out new music and videos on a weekly basis, steadily perfecting his craft and building up a loyal fanbase. In addition, he has brought together fellow upcoming Louisiana rappers through his cypher series and other collaborative projects. With the last of the NP series to drop in a few hours, find out the meaning behind Noillib Pot, the most meaningful track off NP3, what he has coming up in the future, and more below!

HITPmusic.com: How did the NP series get started?

Billion: Well, the phrase Noillib Pot started when my friend Zach “Toon” Powell offered to do a free photo shoot for me. I showed up wearing a plain gray crewneck sweater and he said we should design it. So he took out some iron-on letters and said ‘let’s spell Top Billion.’ I said nah let’s do something different… Let’s spell it backwards. So we did and when people saw the photos of the sweater they went crazy. I was selling $20-$25 Noillib Pot sweaters all during the winter of 2011. I decided to take that momentum and popularity of that and focus it back onto what I really do: music.

HITPmusic.com: What track means the most to you? Why?

Billion: All of the songs mean a lot to me because this is my realist album to date. The song with the most colorful history though would be “Still a Soldier” though. The guy speaking at the beginning and rapping the chorus is a person named Lil’ Man who I thought was my friend. But the same night we recorded that song (and the original version of Trouble) he broke into my studio and tried to steal all my equipment! Luckily, he didn’t take anything but I still madder than a bitch! So I took him off the second verse, wrote my own verse dissing him and then wrote a third verse asking him how he could do such a thing. I kept him on the hook to remind me that some niggas that appear good really ain’t 100.

HITPmusic.com: How does NP3 compare to your previous mixtapes/albums?

Billion: It’s better than all of them. Brad Massey held it down on all the beats and I have better recording equipment now.

HITPmusic.com: What do you hope to accomplish with the series?

Billion: With the whole Noillib Pot series I want to establish a healthy relationship with my fans. I can’t be (and don’t want to be) an artist that whores myself out to the fans… Just giving up free music all the time. Because my heart and soul are in these songs. So I’m saying to my fans ‘Look, I gave y’all two free projects after y’all bought all my sweaters, now here’s a project that’s twice as dope and twice as long as the other two! Support this! Pay that fever!’ If they do, they do, if they don’t, they don’t.

HITPmusic.com: What’s next?

Billion: I’m definitely gonna release another project this year, but not another Noillib Pot. This is the last. I’m going to New Orleans this weekend to shoot some music videos for this joint and I’m working on a new Monroe Cypher video. I make songs all the time, but the main aim is to get as many people to buy this album as possible! So go download that NP3 at topbillion.bandcamp.com today, boy!

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