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Hard In The Paint Music hooks up with 20 year Syracuse, New York rap/hip hop artist Sean Mags. The New York native talks with about the Fly Boys Club, “backpack” rap, performing and upcoming projects such as “Study Hall,” and more.

Who is Sean Mags?

“Sean Mags is just a kid from suburbs of Syracuse, NY.  I grew up in the city until I was about 12, 13, or however old I was going into the 8th grade.  For everyone, who doesn’t know I use to play football, I went to college for two years for it. But, things came up, got some opportunities that I couldn’t do while in school, so I took a risk. I took a semester off for rap and now here I am. I am just a laid back character that likes to chill and make music about things I see at parties and my everyday life.”

You represent Fly Boys Club.  Tell us about it?

“FBC, thats my everything. It started off with my brother Ty and me just joking around, him telling me “you can’t get in the car with me looking like a bum, you gotta get fly!” (Laughs)

“Then I just started saying FBC to all my boys and it kinda stuck. So, we got the rights to the name and started putting it on all our material. I feel that people get the wrong impression when they hear “Fly Boys Club”, because FBC isn’t just a rap group. Its everyone who supports my movement. Any and everyone can be apart of the club, no matter if you are 8 or 80. If you support me, Sean Mags, then your apart of the club.”

In a few songs such as “Popular,” you mention that you aren’t “gangster,” how would you describe yourself as an individual and the music you make?

“Like I said I grew up in the burbs most of life, so for me to just talk about crack, shooting guns and being on the block, thats just not cool. I wouldn’t be being a real artist or being real with myself. When I first started rapping, I did talk about things of that source because I witnessed it at a point and time, but I quickly realized that it just wasn’t me. So, I started making “backpack” music with the first song being “House Party” over Mac Miller’s “Senior Skip Day” and that song was a hit in my city I had everyone from the suburbs to the hood singing it or writing the lyrics on my Facebook wall. I got made fun of or people said I was corny because I wasn’t rapping like the “old me” but I grew up. I’m a “backpacker,” I chill with skaters and snowboarders so me talking “gangster” just isn’t cool. Although, I’m not a push over.” 

 Out of all your songs, what one means  the most to you? Why?

“This is a tough one. I would say either “House Party” because it was the first song I made being different and all the positive feed back made me realize that this is who I am. Or “Freaks & Geeks,” because the wordplay in that song is so crazy! During the recording process, my engineer and my boy Shawn E. Bravo kept stopping me, saying “wow!” They never heard me spit on such on high level. They said they can hear the confidence in my voice. So, yea one of them two.” 

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With so many people trying to make it in the rap/hip hop game, how do you try to separate yourself from the rest?

“I just be myself and I dare to be different. I’m not afraid to try new things or work with new people.”

You have had the opportunity to open for well known, established rappers such as Gucci Mane, Travis Porter, Joe Buddens and French Montana. What locations have you performed at? 

“I’ve gotten the opportunity to perform in places such as Massachusetts, Connecticut, and numerous cities in the upstate New York area.”

What upcoming shows do you have?

“I actually have a show tonight (July 30) in Utica, NY, and this Sunday the 31st. August is going to be a wild month for me. I have a show the 6th, opening for Vado and performances the 7th and 14th. The 15th I have my first ever show that I’m headlining.”

 What upcoming projects and collaborations do you have coming up? 

“I have a lot of projects in the making right now. I’m excited to be doing my first ever dubstep track with an very popular upcoming Las Vegas artist named “Shotty.” I’m currently filming my first single “Getting Baked” off my latest mixtape “D.O.P.E”. Also, I’m  scheduled to film “Its Bad” featuring Bryan Bell. It is being directed by James Domroe. I’m excited for that because its my first legit video with a camera crew and director so it should be amazing!”

“I have two of my own mixtapes being released in the next two months,”Study Hall” in August and “The Freshmen Class” in September.”

Along with mixtapes, I am doing features with local artist. It would be amazing to get on a track with Mac Miller or Big Sean.I’ve had conversations with Lil B  and Young L ofThe Pac) via email. I may possibly get some features with them, but I’m open for collabs.”

Where can we expect to see Sean Mags in the next year or two?

“XXL FRESHMEN 20__. That is the goal, so you can expect to see a lot of hard work, consistency, and progression. “

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