Today, HITPmusic.com releases its first sponsored mixtape. HITPmusic.com presents Open Book, a 9 track mixtape by Massachusetts rapper Tim Nihan. Over the 9 tracks, Tim displays his versatility and unique style. On Open Book, the opening track, Tim spits powerful and emotional lyrics, showcasing his lyricism. On the other hand, on “Chasing Pavements,” Nihan delivers a laid back slow flow with insightful and revealing lines while on “Right Here,”  he utilizes the voice friendly auto-tune.  The small but solid project also features “Hip Hop,” a track dedicated to true hip hop. Other songs on the project include “Don’t Know”, “Get The Money” , “What You Gonna Do”, “When It’s Over” and “Last Day.”

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“Behind The Music” – Read about how a few of the mixtape’s songs came together from the rapper himself.

“Hip Hop” – When I heard the beat (produced by Vans Beats) I knew I had to spit to it. When I made it (the song) I was in a phase where I wasn’t writing anything. I was just listening to the beat spitting a line or two, then going off that last line. So I really just got the energy from the beat and spit what I felt fit. It was such a dope beat I knew it had to be about that real hip hop.”

“Don’t Know Me” – I originally made this melody on my keyboard and started just singing the chorus so I had the concept already in my head. I finally produced the beat and since I already had the chorus I just needed some verses. I was still in my phase where I wasn’t writing so since I had the complete feel to the track already I just spit what was in my heart. At the end,  I play a little bit on the keyboard because sometimes for me it’s easier to express how I feel through the actual music than the words themselves.”

“Get The Money” – “I heard this beat and it already came with the slowed up voice saying “get the money” on it. I loved the beat and wanted to write to it but I didn’t want to make a song about making money cause that’s just not the type of music I usually make. Instead, I flipped it and wrote about how that’s all rappers seem to talk about and I am actually putting my heart and soul into this shit, but at the end of the day they blow up and I don’t get anywhere, so that’s why it says “if you can’t beat them then join em so get the money.”


“Last Day” – 
“Most of my songs I would say would fall in the category of “conscious rap” or just simply expressing my feelings, but sometimes I just like to swag out on a beat and show the lighter side of myself. This beat seemed like one to do it on.”




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