Rick Ross‘ super collaboration with Dr. Dre and Jay Z on “3 Kings” hasn’t even been out for 24 hours but it has the hip hop community in a frenzy and rightfully so. It’s not everyday that you get three of the biggest acts of all time to come together on one track, especially in hip hop, an industry that can be very self orientated. However, the three emcees share the spotlight on the Jake One production, delivering high quality verses, resulting in a solid collaboration. With no chorus or hook, “3 Kings” is 4 minutes and 30 seconds of straight bars by a trio that will go down as hip hop royalty. Take a look at five memorable lines from the legendary collaboration.

Five Memorable Lines: Rick Ross F/ Dr. Dre & Jay Z – “3 Kings” (Prod. Jake One)

  • “You should listen to this beat through my headphones, Money long, number one twenty years strong” – Dr. Dre
  • ” 80 pair of sneakers came from the D game, Cousin was a Crip, said it was a C thing” – Rick Ross
  • “The homie whippin’ chickens in his momma kitchen, On the mission, said he get it for his sons tuition” – Rick Ross
  • “Taken to places that you can’t go with your per diem, Screamin’ carpe diem until I’m a dead poet” – Jay Z
  • “I ran through that buck fifty Live Nation fronted me, They workin’ on another deal, they talkin’ two hundred fifty, I’m holdin’ out for three, Two seventy-five and I just might agree” – Jay Z

To listen to “3 Kings” click, here. 

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