Take a listen to “Pluto” a mixtape project by Chicago, Illinois rapper Tree. Over 18 industry tracks, Pluto adds his own twist and style. Highlights of the project include “Bold Nigga” version of T.I and Drake’s “Poppin’ Bottles” and “In My Way”, Tree’s takes on Dr. Dre’s classic track“Xxplosive.”

Best Tracks: “Bold Nigga”, “In My Way”, “Fitted’s” and “Hydrogen Jets”

Download: “Tree “Pluto”


  1. Intro
  2. Bold Nigga
  3. I Do’s Me
  4. 18 Wheel Rollin
  5. Chopper Chopper
  6. In my way
  7. Kill Everything (F/ Lennon of P.M)
  8. Hydrogen Jets
  9. Heavy Weight
  10. All Navy
  11. Reflect (F/ Tone Skeet)
  12. Music
  13. Honor Roll
  14. Maintain (F/ Crack Spitta)
  15. Pain Freestyle
  16. Fuk Dat Line
  17. Libra
  18. Fitted’s (F/ Ish L0 and Mic Luter)
  19. Mayhem Put Me On