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Fran-P - "Noel Pancho" (Music Video)

Fran-P – “Noel Pancho” (Music Video)

If you paid attention to our 2015 year-end best of Boston hip-hop lists/videos, you know that Fran-P was a well-represented artist for his ...
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iLL Addicts - "Data" (Music Video)

iLL Addicts – “Data” (Music Video)

Last weekend was a busy time for hip-hop in the city with The EarthKwake and The Wave providing fans with back to back days of live celebratory ...
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OG Swaggerdick- "We Don't Need Donald Trump As Our President" (Music Video)

OG Swaggerdick – “We Don’t Need Donald Trump As Our President” (Music Video)

As each year goes by, the quality of music and entertainment value from OG Swaggerdick continues to reach new heights. His 2015 project W.A.L.L...
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Gio Dee- "Trap No More" (Music Video)

Gio Dee- “Trap No More” (Music Video)

Gio Dee capped off 2015 on a high note with the release of his Mind Yo Business EP, which featured contributions from the likes of Metro Boomin, ...
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Dutchy DoBad- "Round The Way" (Music Video)

Dutchy DoBad- “Round The Way” (Music Video)

Dutchy DoBad didn't release too much material in 2015, but there is no question that he was hard at work on new music/plotting his next moves and ...
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O.K.- "Pass Up" (Music Video)

O.K.- “Pass Up” (Music Video)

O.K. delivered an EP in BIGELOW that proved to be one of Boston's best releases of 2015 and after supplying fans with a video for "Steady As ...
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Jefe Replay- "Sips Tea" (Music Video)

Jefe Replay- “Sips Tea” (Music Video)

Jefe Replay delivered one of Boston's most contagious singles of the year in "Sips Tea" and while we already covered the recently released visual ...
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Fat P- "What It Do" (Music Video)

Fat P- “What It Do” (Music Video)

More and more people have become hip to Fat P’s music in 2015 and for good reason. Starting off the year with his Ed, Edd n Eddie project and ...
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O.K.- "Steady As Fuck" (Music Video)

O.K.- “Steady As Fuck” (Music Video)

O.K. dropped one of the better Boston hip-hop projects of the year in BIGELOW last month and we knew that Kadeem wasn’t going to let the new ...
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HiFadility- "Say Love" (Music Video)

HiFadility- “Say Love” (Music Video)

Not every piece of production needs to be accompanied by words in order for it to be valued as art, some instrumentals are not meant to be rapped ...
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